14th European Convention

Convention European

Written By: Liam Muldowney

Event Date: 08/09/2023 - 11/09/2023

The Commodore Hotel is now booked completely for the Sons.

They are very excited to have us, as are the local tourist board. They are hoping to have a festival organised to coincide with the convention.

Cobh is a beautiful spot and so much more easy to access with a direct train line from Cork city, directly to the hotel almost. It has just been voted as one of Europe’s top small town vacation destinations.

The town has much to offer by way of cafes and bars and also boasts an escape room which we are told will be L&H themed for us.

The Titanic Museum is also in town.

We plan a trip to Spike Island Prison, an old Victorian island prison where we will take the ferry and spend time exploring this amazing attraction. Lunch and a Pardon Us showing included.

We also plan a trip to Blarney Castle to visit the amazing grounds and ascend the steps to kiss the stone as Stan Laurel did in 1953.

Local comedians will entertain us as will drama groups and Irish musicians.

We have secured a special guest in Adrian Gebruers, whose father played the cathedral bells so famously for Stan and Ollie, exactly 70 years to the day when we will be there.

Adrian is now the head musician at the cathedral and the Sons will be treated to a special rendition of the Cuckoo Song and access to this wonderful cathedral to see the workings if the carillon bells.

We will unveil a plaque to the Boys at the dock where they came ashore that day to commemorate the occasion.

Usual silliness with quizzes and games.

Good food and drink guaranteed and, with Cork airport readily accessible from all of Europe, Britain and the USA, we hope to welcome lots of Sons to Cobh.

Currently limited to 90 places, we may have scope to increase this. I already have over 50 names on a list and will be keeping those updated via email. It's going to be tight. We've had a lot of interest for this one...

See the Cobh European Convention page on Facebook for more details as we go forward or to register an interest. 

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